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PAREDOS (Parent Education for Development in Barbados),

Paredos a non-profit organisation, was launched in 1972 to inform and educate parents, guardians, children, and "at-risk" groups in the following areas:
child development
child abuse and prevention 
parenting skills
communication skills
problem solving skills
health issues

If any of these circumstances describe you or someone you know, PAREDOS is here to help you:
Teenage pregnancy
Inadequate financial means to feed your family
No one to care for your children so that you can work
Lonely, depressed, frustrated
Suffering physical abuse from husband or boyfriend
Addicted to drugs or alchohol
A child you cannot control
No where to turn, no where to run...
Programme Objectives
Provide families, particularly "hard to reach” parents in Barbados with information and guidance on parenting and other family related matters.
Deliver quality childcare to children 3 months-4 ½ years of age and provide support and guidance to their parents.

For over 36 years, PAREDOS, a non-profit organization, has developed partnership with International and Government agencies, the private sector, NGO’s and individuals to deliver Parent Education and Support Programmes to families. In 2001, PAREDOS opened the Bertie Graham Early Childhood Education Unit, which houses the PAREDOS Day Care Centre. PAREDOS is guided by an Executive Committee and managed by a Director and a team of highly qualified staff. Professional resource persons and trained volunteers provide technical assistance.
It is clear that the family is the basic building block of society and the primary agent of socialisation. Unfortunately, the family is not always the perfect, loving and safe institution that it is supposed to be.

In Barbados, social relationships have undergone rapid change. Weakened links between parents and their children, teachers and pupils and between families and communities have lead to deterioration in the abilities of parents and professionals to exercise effective control and discipline. Reports show an increase in the number of reported cases of violence and disruptive behaviours in our society.

More than 80% of PAREDOS' clients have adolescents who exhibit disruptive behaviours such as fighting, stealing, and rebellion. These undesirable behaviours have resulted in conflicts between adolescents and their peers, parents, and teachers. (PAREDOS Report, 1997).

Reports also show poor parenting skills, ineffective communication and inadequate problem solving techniques as significant indicators of parent-adolescent conflicts (PAREDOS Report, 1998).
This weakening of control presents a challenge to parents who are strict disciplinarians and those who have unrealistic expectations of their children/adolescents.