Parent Education for Development in Barbados (PAREDOS) is a registered Charity which was formed in 1965 in response to needs identified by parents and concerned professionals in the community for parenting skills. This situation coincided with the massive migration of parents to Britain, Canada and the USA. Many parents had left their children behind to he cared for by grandparents and other family members.
In 1972, a more formal phase of the evolution of PAREDOS took place. and then the organisation was established as a registered charity. During 1972-1975. the steering committee launched a mass media programme. which was supported and funded by the Caribbean Conference of Churches (CCC). From 1976-1990, the mass media programme was supplemented by direct contact with parents and children through a number of face-to face community programmes.
Since 1990. PAREDOS has responded to the public demands for other intervention strategies to achieve its objectives of enhancing family life and improving child-rearing practices. 
The principal functions of PAREDOS are:
To devise, undertake and promote parent education and support programmes to assist all sectors of the
population in recognizing the needs of children;To develop an awareness in the adult population of the importance of responsible family life in national development: 
To raise the level of awareness of young people of their roles and responsibilities in matters relating to family life:
To harness all available resources and cooperate with other agencies (governmental and non-governmental) in the thrust for responsible parenthood:
To help each individual achieve his/her potential through the family setting:
To solicit. receive, and manage funds donated by government, the private sector, private citizens, and international organisations for the functions mentioned in paragraphs (1) to (5);
To do all such other things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment its objectives.1 of 3 
Since 1972, PAREDOS has provided an invaluable service to families in Barbados. During the early years (1972-1990), PAREDOS focused mainly on Community Outreach Education and served approximately 30,000 families annually. Within the past decade, PAREDOS has witnessed a steady increase in demands for its services, particularly, training and counseling. PAREDOS now serves approximately 216,080 families on an annual basis.
PAREDOS is guided by an Executive Committee and managed by a Director and highly qualified staff. A team of professional resource persons and trained volunteers provide technical assistance.
Executive Committee
President: Mr. Justice W. Leroy Innis
Secretary: Ms. Shirley Bell, QC
Treasurer: Mrs. Roglyn Hinds, SCM
Madam Justice Sandra Mason
Dr. Angela Jennings
Mr. Ian Griffith
Mr. Carl Sylvester
Mrs. Cicely Talma-Green
Ms. Sheila Stuart, BA (Hons); MA